The One Upmanship Game: Hyundai Genesis V8 Rumored to Get 380 hp

According to a recent post on, Hyundai's R&D head Hyun-Soon Lee recently said in a speech to a group of South Korean business executives that the 4.6L "Tau" V8 being used in the upcoming Genesis sedan would be tuned to generate 380 horsepower.

The poster, an internal mole known only as "Delphi", has been accurate with other news regarding Hyundai and Kia, to the point that Hyundai North America employees have asked around to determine his identity. He reported last week that the new Kia SUV would be called "Mojave" and - sure enough - two days later the new registration list came out and it was on there.

If Genesis is starting to sound suspiciously like the Lexus LS400, circa 1989, it's not mere coincidence. Hyundai's so much as stated that Genesis aims to be LS-level lux for the price of a loaded 300C.